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Global Licensing Solutions

Software + Smart hologram + Track & Trace.

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Soft CS Licensing

More than 2,100 people use CS Licensing to manage their licenses, contracts and royalties. Make royalty declarations easier for your licensees. Much more than just a management program. And more....

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Smart Verification.

By using our Smart Hologram and our APP installed in a Smartphone, you will be able to instantly see the authenticity of a licensed product. And more....

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Hologram sticker

High security Kine-max 2D/ 3D hologram. Our holograms are made with the most advanced master techniques in the world. The Kine-max technique allows us to create holograms with a wide range of holographic effects. And more....

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Swing ticket with hologram

For Licensing & Merchandising, Textile industry, Leather goods, Pharmaceuticals, Perfumes and Cosmtics, Clothing and Footwear, Electronics and Software, Wines and Spirits, Jewelry. And more....

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Neck label with hologram

Garment Label with incorporated hologram. If necessary, the hologram can be more wash resist by an encapsulating process. And more....

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Smarthologram + CS Licensing.

With the Smarthologram you can verify the authenticity of a product online.

This verification is immediate and 100% reliable. By using this process you will be able to get access to a frequent buyer program to do marketing campaigns, offering gifts o discounts on purchases. You will also have access to track all of your licensed products.      And much more......

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Using our CS Licensing Software, you can manage all of your License.

Control contracts, check licensed products online, see an image gallery filtered by sector, control contract expiration dates, Minimum Guarantees, control Royalty Reports and payments, get various lists of cost effectiveness/ profitability, analytical graphs.      And much more......

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Intuitive and non complicated professional software which you can use to manage all of your contracts, licenses, products, royalty reports, statements, history and comparative lists or graphics. World-wide accessible through a PC, tablet or smart phone.
Using the SMARTHOLOGRAM you can visualize the area where you products are sold world-wide, whether the country is authorized or not, and if the distribution chain is correct.

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Brand protection

Control the production of your external manufacturing warehouses especially when they are located in countries that have low cost production and have a tendency to counterfeit products by producing more quantity than authorized.
Using the SMARTHOLOGRAM you see the area of the world where your products are sold most.
Consult your data and verify the authenticity of a label from anywhere in the world by PC, MAC, Tablet or Smart phone.

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Get the widest security protection through our security hologram. The high security Hologram is non falsifiable since it contains many cutting edge security measures that are invisible to the human eye and only known by you.
Due to this, we give you a decoding sheet for all the security measures, without this it is impossible to be able to reproduce the hologram exactly.
Verify the authenticity of a hologram by PC, MAC, Tablet or Smart phone.
Using the SMARTHOLOGRAM you will see the area of the world where your products are sold most.

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Holographic master

To be able to make holograms, the first step is producing a 3D Master.
This Master will be made in a dark room with various lasers.
The technique is very difficult and practically impossible to duplicate a Master.

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