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CS Licensing Software

Use Cuservi Software even if you are not a tech expert.

If for just a moment, you have thought that it would be better to speed up the processes, to get the analysis on hand easily and quickly, all the important lists for your meetings in just a minute and in one click...

Or you feel that the Software you are already using is complicated and not that easy to use...

Do not hesitate! CS Licensing Software is the right tool for you! Even if you are not a tech expert, even if you do not have time to upload or migrate the information or a big budget allocated for you, do not overthink it! 

What can we help you with?

Customized Dashboards

Customized Dashboards

If you like to see all relevant information in a glance, you would love our customized dashboards!

Assets Management

Assets Management

Why do you have to use a different tool to share your assets with Licensees? Use our Assets management to do it. Folders, sub-folders, different permissions… organize them at your convenience.


Product Approvals

You and your partners will enjoy the process of approving a product. Keep full approval history on hand.

Sales and Royalties forecasts

Sales and Royalties forecasts

This is the dream of any Financer: forecasts, forecasts, forecasts… just one click away.


Royalty Reports

We know you are receiving them from your Licensees in Excel sheets but… let us show you how easy it is to receive, review and edit, reject or approve them through the Software. You won’t want to go back to the old system.


Financial lists

Only you would know the time consuming it is to identify your top and bottom Licensees, categories, products, SKUs, territories, distribution channels… or not, if you use CS Licensing Software.

Manufacturers Compliance

Manufacturers Compliance

If is important for your company to track manufacturers compliance, you can use this option to store and track compliance forms for factories.

Protect your physical merchandise

Protect your physical merchandise

Why should other people benefit from the effort, the time and the dedication you invest to create a Brand and to gain a good reputation in the market? Don´t make it easy for them! Protect your products using our holograms.

Detect online counterfeit

Detect online counterfeit

What is the nightmare of any Brand? Online counterfeits.
We are aware about that, that’s why we want to help you to fight against them.

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