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Welcome to Cuservi

CS Licensing Software

Professional Modular Software with:

  • Online Product Approvals.

  • Contracts Management and Royalty Reports.

  • Location of fake products with Track & Trace Technology.

  • Lists, graphs and exportable Excel files.

  • Customized Analytic lists.

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Security Labels

We are the Official supplier for the best International Licenses.
Worldwide distribution.
Service from 48 to 72 hours.

Ours products:

  • Smart holograms stickers.  Read more

  • Swing Tickets - Hang Tags.  Read more

  • Neck Labels.  Read more

Track & Trace

Cutting-edge Technology 100% developed by Cuservi.

  • Location of fake products.

  • Police specific access.

  • Worldwide location of the points of sale (filtered by Licensee and product).

  • Be warned and block any attempt of falsification of the Smart hologram.

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Global Licensing Solutions

Combining our Software with the Smart hologram you will be able to completely manage your License, contracts, Royalties, Product Approvals and more..
With just one click you will get a general overview of your business. Using our utilities, you will know the profitability of your contracts, the licensed products you have in a specific country and all the required economic data to sign new contracts.


Customized modular system.

All the Modules can be used separately or combined between them. You will get the complete information with the minimum effort by using the whole system.

Products Approval Module

Contracts Management Module

Royalty Reports

Calculate commissions & Invoicing Module

Holograms Module

Track & Trace Technology

NFC Technology

This sticker is forge proof and copy proof. - 100% GUARANTEED -

  • With our technology we guarantee 100% that no one can duplicate, forge or copy our new NFC stickers. Your products will be protected against counterfeiting and your brand will gain prestige compared to your competitors.

  • With the use of our Icode tags you will get access to our CRM platform where you can see all the final points of sale of your products with a precise geolocation tool that is reliable. You can see the street, number, city and country of all the products with our NFC tag.

  • Get access to our graphics in "Marketing Analytics", here you will find a lot of information to determine your new selling strategies.

  • Get access to Client Loyalty programs where you can program raffles or discounts for their new purchases.