Smart Holograms
Digital Holograms (Icode)

“You will be aware that you succeeded, that your Brand has become reknown when the first falsifications appear”

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No one is interested in copying a product that no one will buy because it is not interesting.

There are different types of falsifications.

Each product sold by the street vendors or online at half of the original price or less is a clear falsification. We all know it.

A falsified product is bought at a very low Price.

But what happens when you pay for a product as original but it really is not?

In this case, everything is different. The buyer will feel defrauded and the image of the brand will be at stake.

In these cases, it is very important to offer the buyer a guarantee that the product is original, authorized and produced by the brand´s standards and that it is not a common copy. The solution is the hologram!


Holograms are extensively used for the protection against counterfeiting, grey market, unauthorized production and for enhancing and securing brand image.

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Smart Holograms

We are aware that sometimes, a hologram alone is tough to become an authentication item for the end client as he is unaware of the characteristics of the hologram and cannot have a hologram testing device.

That’s why we have developed the Smart hologram

Let us release your imagination… thousands of people helping you to identify falsified products, shortage in the market, … and they also give you their opinion and their data to communicate with them… Any Brand Protection or Marketing Department would pay for this. Well, you can get this and more with the Smart hologram.

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Digital Holograms (Icode)

Times change and we change with them

If you wish to protect your products, but you think that cost, time or manipulation make it difficult, the Icode is thought to help you.

We have developed a system that allows you to print the Icode directly at your printing facilities with standard printing technologies.


No additional label, inks or even transport are required.


You will benefit of the same advantages of the Smart hologram and even more.


Or maybe it can.

We never know what our IT guys are capable of.

Let us show all the work
we can do for you.

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